Saturday, September 13, 2008

Senior Teacher

Hey, in the last post I wanted to mention my promotion. I forgot. I guess I was to busy being busy.
I'm now the senior teacher (asst principal) in my small village primary school.


tillerman said...

Congratulations. Is assistant principal a bit like being vice-president?

Mondale said...

Depends, some days it's abit like being LBJ when JFK hands you the space program, some days it's a bit like being Dan Quayle, standing up there being asked to spell stuff. I must admit there's not an awful lot of Cheneyesque anger in my current role but I'm working on it.

tillerman said...

I think you should take Cheney as a role model. Make your boss totally dependent on you by spinning a web of lies about a non-existent threat that only you can handle... and then disappear for months at a time to a "secret undisclosed location" surfacing only occasionally to spread more doom and gloom.