Friday, May 09, 2008

The Johnson Treatment

So, I didn't get the job, the dream job, the job I really wanted.

So I made some enquiries.

It's brilliant, this next level of career, you can call people up and ask them stuff and they respect you enough (or pretend to?) to tell you stuff. I respect her enough to believe her, my unnamed source at the highest levels of the 'job I almost got'.

OK, I buggered up a deeply technical question about computers. OK, I'll work on that.

It was the other gossip that was great.

They were deeply upset that I didn't get the job because I had been the clear favourite. The source had detailed inside knowledge that there had been lengthy wranglings about ignoring some of the practical aspects of the interview (i.e that question and my ropey answer) and hiring me anyway.

A couple of the Governors (the two who had asked me the question ) were not impressed , OK, live with that.

Everyone else had been very impressed. Sheeeeet.

I need to sell myself a bit more in person. A bit less Gordon, a bit more Tony. My response? This is a very serious job, not a time for soundbites.

But I am the clunking fist of primary education!

There's an identical job going only two miles down the road, give them a call!

I'm meeting them on Monday.

I just love the networking and intriuge!

Yesterday I was so upset, then I understood, Frau Random Doubt and The Wee hen were both OK and laughing and giggling, my day will come.


msdee said...

I'm really sorry you didt get the job:(
They dont know what they lost

What was the computer question?

Mondale said...

Some crap about a mouse.