Thursday, May 08, 2008

Career travails in Democratic electoral defeats.

So, I went for another interview.

This job was amazing, the school was great, the teachers seemed nice, the job was big but I felt good about doing it.

And, oh, oh, oh.

I almost, nearly, nearly, almost.

But not quite.

Got the amazing, beautiful, challenging, well paid job that would have seen me not bothering the vacancies website for the next four years.


And double damn because I could have, should have got this job.

I later found out that the difference between me and the successful candidate (nice guy, we got on well, good luck to him), the only difference was the answer to one question.

A day full of questions and it comes down to ONE question.


If my last interview was a  Nixon McGovern this one was definately a Bush Gore.

Hey, I just want to reassure you, I will not be growing a beard.

(Or in English, The last interview was John Major in 1997, this one was Neil Kinnock in 1992)

In any language, this one hurt.


Listmaker said...

what was the question?

tillerman said...

And what was the right answer?

weasel said...

The answer, I suspect, was "rock maple".

Your rooting section over here knows you will prevail, and soon! Best of luck, old chum.

Mondale said...

I'm tempted to make up a question just to keep you fellas interested.
"What is you favourite colour?" or Describe to relationship between Lyndon Johnson and Robert Kennedy following the 1964 election with particular reference to your role as a Deputy Head?"

In reality it was a terribly dull question about official government policy posed by two crushingly dull interviewers (during the course of the day i was, in one way or another interviewed by no less than 25 people including an amazing 30 minutes where the candidates had to interview each other whilst being observed doing so, sounds freaked out but it was great, we all got on well and had some fun with it!)
I fluffed it because I've been away for five years and am a bit rusty on such things although my NYS experience was a positive in other respects.

Hey, check out the next post for an update.