Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hometown and Sincity Mercury

That's the name of our local rag.

This week I got a letter printed on the letters page!

It was a slightly tipsy rant about unruly dog owners, sadly I am unable to find the letter either online or on my computer (which is really, really wierd) and I'm not going to rewrite it. Also sadly, the letter did little good as this week's paper headlines the fact that the path in question has been closed. You can read the article (And wonder why I even bother with the pretence of geographical anonymity) right here.

Also, I'm gunning for Cardiff in this weekend's FA Cup final (holiest day of the year!!)
I've always been an admirer of most things Welsh and simply cannot abide Portsmouth.
Welsh things I like.

David Lloyd George
Gavin and Stacey (half welsh I know)
Super Furry Animals
Ewan Roberts
The Gower
Glenys Kinnock
The amazing Welsh swearing friend of a friend I spent an amusing weekend with a couple of years ago.
Nye Bevan.

I dunno, there's lots to like about the place and good luck to them.


ms.bri said...

And Wes. He's part Welsh.

Mondale said...

And Wes, I had forgotten Wes. I apologise, it was unbecoming of me.

weasel said...

All he is missing is the "l" and the "h".

I have but two more things to say.

Congrats on your epistolary breakthrough, and g'wan Pompey.

tillerman said...

Whaaat? Cardiff v Portsmouth? I've been away from England too long.

Mondale said...

Cardiff and Portsmouth indeed!
A fabulous year for underdogs!