Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's almost February already?!

Goodness gracious me! Where has the year gone?
'The Gas' have reached the fifth round of the cup!

We will be getting a whole new central heating system! Next week! Farewell old fashioned gas heaters!

I successfully (and discreetly) managed to confront odd next door neighbour about the ammount of dogshit in his backyard. At the moment we have a 4 foot fence (a new, 6 foot fence will soon be installed).
He was very nice and promised to clean it up and 'keep on it'.

A curious turn of events. A few years ago I bought a gorgeous steed, a TREK 4500. This piece of wheels was my delight until I moved to the US when I sold it to my dad. He rode it twice, didn't like it and passed it onto my brother in law. This weekend my lady comes back home! I'll get her serviced at the local bike shop and miles of cycling joy will soon be mine!

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