Sunday, February 03, 2008


Everybody needs a good shed. Perhaps you just don't know it yet.

Old shed. Small, full of snails and spiders , a tumble dryer, freezer and lots of tools and 'stuff'.

Mondale and Silverfox dismantling old shed.

Old shed on it's side. "it's the only way to get the roof orf" said Silverfox. As it's about to become his shed I go with his advice.

The entire procedure was watched intently by the wee hen whilst he nibbled some chickpeas and tangerines.

The ugly underbelly of shedlife, years and years of garden detritus and crap.

The roof is gently prised from the four walls using a subtle combination of crowbar and subtlety.

The Silverfox gathers his tools, He's the proud new owner of a rather old shed. "There's nothing wrong with it, perfect for the allotment".

A few days later the new shed arrives! Double the size, brand spanking new and soon to be full of Tumble dryer, freezer, bikes and 'stuff'.


tillerman said...

That's a spooky picture with that ghostly hand about to grab the old fox.

msdee said...

I want a shed but where would I put it. I suppose i would have to get a house first LOL
I would have it jammed pack full of junk by the end of the day

nitramnaed said...

I liked the old shed.