Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Honorable order of the Market Cross

I've just been awarded the Market Cross!
This is the highest award that Norfolk can bestow upon one of it's citizens. In the 15 years since the order was created only four have ever been awarded. Rather like the US Presidency it's always gone to white guys of non jewish ancestry but hey, we're working on that. I got the award for my part in furthering the cause of all things Norfolk in the USA but especially because I met theEngland team in New Jersey in May 2005. A fellow winner on friday night was current Norfolk President Mr Wood who managed to organize a kickabout for all his friends at Carrow Road in 2006.

I am massively proud of this recognition and I dedicate the award to all Norfolk Americans, You know who you are and you deserve it.

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weasel said...

The ticker tape is raining down in your honour as I type. Congratulations: I do hope that we never have to read on an unspecified future date about young Hank Mondale hawking your MC at Christies in order to pay the electric.