Saturday, January 19, 2008


We have invited my parents round for tea tonight. We've done this because they are kind, they are generous and they live nearby. Mum is babysitting tonight and, well, occaisonally we have to suck it up and actually talk to them.

I was preparing a speciality of mine (and Delia's) the shepherds pie with leek and cheese topping.
Whilst chopping two medium onions I began to sense a slightly odd feeling in my tear ducts, this grew rapidly to become a really, really intense sensation of "OHMYGODWHATTHEFUCKISHAPPENINGMYEYES!!!!!MYEYES!!!!"

I'd got a bit of onion wedged between my spectacles and my eye.


msdee said...

Ouch indeed!:(

weasel said...

You only just felt it? And to think, we have been calling you "old onion eye" ever since school...