Saturday, January 26, 2008

Field trip.

I will find time to update you all on the amazing school trip.

How I took 33 kids to the edge of the world and back.
How we spent our days in freezing sunshine with force 8 winds a mere formality.
How we survived on chocolate and strong tea , not to mention lots of baked beans and potato wedges.
How we team built and overcame fear through bizarre feats involving mud, rain , heights and darkness.
How noone ended up in hospital and all returned with smiles on their faces and hugs from their mums.

I need a shave, I need a beer, I need some sleep.


tillerman said...

But did it build character?

Mondale said...

Gallons of the stuff!
More details to follow.

weasel said...

Did you get ahead of our brave boys and liberate Overstrand on your own, bor?

Mondale said...

Thought you'd like the picture. My quiet man crush on Mr Hastings continues. I did not manage to liberate Overstrand but i did take a couple of hours off and climb the legendary 'Beeston Bump'.
I was all alone at the top when an elderly lady appeared right out of nowhere going "Thas lovly up hare int it?"