Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Thank you Mr former Vice President.

And by that I mean Nobel winner Mr Al Gore. After all, he invented the internet (oh lord I'm shaking, it's so good to be out of the early 1990's hellhole that was NO INTERNET CONNECTION).


We can look for a replacement fireplace online, no need to trapse around shops with a baby.

We can check the weather rather than rely on BBC weather reports which inform us daily "Today will be a lot like yesterday".

We can look at blogs and blog and fantasize about vacations and things that we would like to buy online and then not buy them but just investigate cheap flights anyway.

Oh goodness and so much more!!

Watch this space,


Hey, here's a picture of a quiet backstreet in my hometown.


ms.bri said...

you were ever so missed!

Mondale said...

Yeah!! But now I'm back!

msdee said...

Welcome back!!!!
I missed you!

weasel said...

How did you get all the hookers, homeless loonies, lounging casuals, and drunk high schoolers off the street for the photo?

As always, y-mond-hum looks lovely in the autumn sun...

Mondale said...

Al the ner' do wells were in church when the picture was taken. I' m going to refer to 'Y-munt-ham' as 'Hometown' from now on. It'll make life easier I guess.