Friday, October 26, 2007

The Guardian

I suppose I no longer really need to link to The Guardian anymore as I can just nip down the shop and pick up a copy.

I used to wonder about Hometown's relationship with this left leaning daily newspaper. Were there no copies to be had because the few leftists in town got up earlier than I did and swiped them all or were there no copies because there were no leftists in town to buy it so the newsagents didn't bother to order any?

It's no longer a problem as all newsagents now stock it but some still eye you suspiciously if you buy a copy, like you might be somebody who reads.


Tillerman said...

Welcome home. As a Brit expat in the US who probably never will go back to live in the UK now, I'm looking forward to reading all about your re-immersion into British culture.

Your reminding me of simple pleasures like buying a real Guardian is making me nostalgic already.

Mondale said...

Thanks guv, It was alwas the wife's (an american)idea to move back but i am enoying the selected pleasures. Hope to fill you in on more fun soon.