Sunday, October 14, 2007

Kitten. 1991?-2007

Kitten 'went upstate' last week. She had developed cancer and that was that.
Our deepest thanks go to the Park slope flying circus who took her in during her final weeks and cared for her, she was a plucky lady.
(I'd like to point out that despite regular visits to the vet she was never diagnosed with anything whilst in our care. The she was taken to a real vet who discovered her condition.)

Kitten , formerly known as Lucy el diablo Miaow was allegedly discovered wandering on the beach at Montauk in the early 1990's. Will Smith's chef took her into care and brought her back to New York where she lived in a variety of circumstances including East Village bohemia and pre gentrified Carroll Gardens. It was with tremendous wrenching that we decided that she could not make the journey with us to Blighty. She would have loved it here but we inhabit a neighborhood of large, well established and distinctly territorial cats, it would have been difficult for her to reap the real benefits of country life.

Kitten had many friends and will be missed greatly.


weasel said...

Poor old kitten. Hope everyone is bearing up,

with sympathy to all,

Mondale said...

Thank you, it's one thing to be guilt ridden absentee parents, quite another for the animal in question to get cancer and die.

msdee said...

I'm so sorry. My condolences.

emily said...

We lost our cat to kidney disease last summer, and it was horrible. I hope you were spared seeing her in agony. It's a true bereavement when a pet you loved dies. May kitten live well and long in your memory.

country mouse said...

Sorry to hear about lil' ol' Kitten. Maybe some new pics of the wee Hen will bring up all our spirits. :)

ms.bri said...

So sorry, dear. You know I was always a Kitten advocate.