Saturday, October 27, 2007

A lovely stroll.

This afternoon Frau Random Doubt and the wee Hen and I went for a thoroughly charming stroll through the Norfolk countryside. We walked around a man made 'Broad'. Well I reckon it was man made. It certainly felt man made (lovely stroller friendly paths, designated wildlife and picnic areas, signposts etc) The FRD suggested the inevitable truth, surely all broads are man made?

Dammit she's right. Again.

Please enjoy a couple of pictures from our stroll. The first is of a Heron. Upon approaching this bird we had a lengthy debate about wether it was a real Heron or a decoy.

Then the bugger flew away which rather defeated my argument in favour of the plastic decoy theory.

The second picture is of a church across the water. This rather says it all. Church, countryside, broad. And all within 20 minutes drive from our house.

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