Thursday, January 19, 2006

What the hell?, it's just outright theft.

Do you ever get the urge to visit your neighbor's home and steal all their booze?
I kinda feel the same right now.
Straight from the kitchen table of Wisdom Weasel, here's my latest blogging effort.

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What were you doing 10 years ago?
January 1996: About to embark on a very difficult final teaching practise. My teacher was an arse who did little but interupt me during lessons and belittle me in public. I owe him the fact that despite his best efforts I went on and became an OK sort of teacher anyway.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
January 2005
Almost certainly much the same, blogging in front of a roaring fire.

Five snacks you enjoy:
Cheese and Branston Pickle sandwiches.
Cheese straws.
A good BLT sandwich.
McDonalds cheeseburgers
Hot Dogs with 'chup and mustard.

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:
Almost all of Billy Bragg's catalogue from 1983 up to 1988. Does that Count? No? OK,
'It's a grand old flag'.
'On the ball city'.
'The kind' Steve Earle.
The Theta club shanty ("I'll sing you one-oh! pull, pull the jib in")

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
Firstly I would buy my wife a fantastic semi derelict space with a harbor view and give her the time and resources to create a secret garden.
Then I'd buy real estate in England and Brooklyn.
Then, right, I'd set up a sailing club in Red Hook in order for real, normal people who just want to sail. New York harbor is one of the most amazing bits of water in the world yet you have to be a rich twat to ever sail on it.
Then an Audi TT roadster.
Plus an ocean worthy sailboat (at least 50ft please)

Five bad habits:
I am of German descent. (That's got to be worth at least five?)

Five things you like doing:
Drinking beer. Practising the guitar. Reading. Walking and running. Sailing

Five things you would never wear, buy or get new again:
That big black leather coat with the furry collar that made me look like Alec Guiness in Dr Zchivago. Running shoes a size too small. Really expensive beer simply because it was brewed in 1973, seemed like a bad idea at the time, turned out worse.
Anything written by Jeremy Clarkson. The Daily Mail.

Thanks Unwellness, M!key and of course, Weasel.


weasel said...

"Plus an ocean worthy sailboat (at least 50ft please)"
Now that would be worth seeing you try to leap after from the dock at Hickling after it had slipped its mooring... At least I wouldn't have to hear "Weasel! Shift yer weight and lift the bloody centreboard!" And you wouldn't lose it at Ludham.

bri said...

You really haven't visited many states. I'll give you the address of my relatives in Arizona. They drink a lot and are big fun.

Will you please email me in a nonwork way so we can have some fucking brunch? It's bri at my last name dot com.

Mondale said...

Bri, I've only been here five minutes, give me a chance, you Americans with your moving about and living here. Besides which I enjoy hugging the east coast rather like a self concious swimmer at the public pool. As for visiting Arizona, I've already been so your family should move to somewhere else, what about New Mexico or South Dakota? Brunch sounds marvellous, we should make arrangements on Monday.

bri said...

Oh yeah... look at that. You have been to Arizona. I always just assume no one has.

You're welcome to one of my family's numerous beach homes in either Southern or Northern California... seeing as how you Brits are used to the wet and cold, perhaps you'd like to start with the unswimmable coast line first....