Sunday, January 29, 2006


English Nephew Benedict has learned to whistle. He can whistle 'Rule Brittania' and other stuff that he makes up as he wanders about the house. He wasn't prepared to whistle down the phone to me as he was busy watching 'Finding Nemo'.

Went to a house party yesterday. The basement apartment was all our friends and aquaintances, the middle one was grown ups and the loft at the top was young women and babies. The actual proper basement was home to a drum kit and a Belgian guy on bass guitar.

Played touch football with Listmaker and some cronies in Prospect Park on Saturday. Much fun was had, Frau Random Doubt has recovered from my swinging '(my)hand-(her)eye' connection.
Frau Random Doubt has asked that I point out that she's quite the football player.

Today I am going to the movies 'blind'. Frau random Doubt has been on about a movie for a while. I have heard nothing about it. I thought it might be fun to avoid all press and commentary and just 'go and see'. The hour is at hand.
And no, it's not Brokeback Mountain.


Listmaker said...

what movie? what movie?

the best part of the game was when you stole the ball right from your inept hands and intercepted it from your sorry ass!

Mondale said...

I really didn't understand anything you just said.
Didn't see the movie, Watched 'The Wire' instead.

Pepin the Short said...

Its "Britannia".

Tally ho, what!

weasel said...

The best way to silence an uppity American while playing touch football is to incrementally increase the vigour of the "touch" every time they fanny about jinking and jiving in front of you. Once you put them on their arse "by accident" a few times they'll either a) cry "Its touch! its touch! Hey!" a lot or b)stalk off with their ball.

Although one time this kid who used to play at FSU speared me in retaliation for a cheap shot I'd taken on the line but you know me; you have to be able to take back what you dish out.

Listmaker said...

i meant to say the best part was when beth stole the ball from your inept hands. oops, my inept american writing screwed it all up.

Anonymous said...

My hands are cold