Friday, January 06, 2006

Indoor running verses outdoor running (Winter, it's a right double edged sword).

Whilst there are certainly no marathons in my future I do like a good run.
Handwashings tipped me me off to the amazing Manhattan/Brooklyn bridges combo which is now one of my staples and most favourite things to do.
The trouble is that the winter is here and the light has gone. I am no longer able to get a good outdoor run after work.
I have to hope for the weekend.
This means running at the gym. Gym running,compared to outdoor running, absolutely sucks.

Outdoor running gets you out of the apartment (sounds obvious but it's a big part of the attraction).
Outdoor running takes you somewhere, whether it's over an amazing bridge or through a park or even just down some interesting streets. It takes you places you don't need to go except by virtue of running about.
Outdoor running allows you to motivate yourself by singing, cursing and clapping your hands like a loony. My favourite is yelling "motherf**ker!!!" at the subway trains on the Manhattan bridge as they rumble past about 6 feet to my right.
Outdoor running makes me smile and laugh as I do it. I also enjoy getting out in foul weather (as long as it's not icy) and finding motivation in the pure desire of getting back home.
Outdoor running motivates merely by having to complete a course, to get back home. In the gym you can stop at any time and you won't be any further away from that delicious hot shower than if you had not stopped. You are going nowhere fast. You are runing on the spot.
In a gym you can watch TV (I can watch TV at home, sitting on my arse).
In a gym no one applauds you as you run past them on New Year's day in the rain. Likewise no one calls you a fucking nutjob either but at least they made me laugh.
In a gym you are controlled by the man who runs the gym and controls all.
In a gym you can't spit and it is always 70 degrees with no chance of rain or wind or dogshit or puddles.
In a gym you have nothing of the vague camraderie of running outdoors, the casual smile from another runner, the quick wave as you slog through DUMBO.

Right, the rant is over, I'll be over them bridges in the morning. Here's to an ice free winter.

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Plimco said...

Yay! I just began outdoor jogging with my dog and it is fantastic. Although the winter of New England could bite me in the ass, but so far... I dig it. I suppose one cannot jog quite so well in wellingtons...oh well. Until the 3 foot snow drifts stop me, jog on my brother. Jog on!