Friday, January 27, 2006

Book learning # 3 (OK, super quick).

The curious incident of the dog in the nightime.

So it's a bestseller. So I'm a massive book snob (unless it's a book about LBJ and then I sleep with it under my pillow) and I hate reading bestsellers. Except this was a great bestseller and I read it in less than three days.
The kid is autistic and he goes on a crazy adventure.
I like this book because he's autistic yet real, ie: quite annoying. And we all have to deal with that. Sometimes, people with special needs can be annoying.
He spends a large part of the book in Swindon which his father describes as an "arsehole".
This is true, Swindon is arguably one of the least pleasant places in the whole of Europe (this is a continent with towns such as Dresden, Leipzig and Stafford, stiff competition).
I also hate Swindon. The only good thing about Swindon is that it's buses look like Starsky and Hutch cars (red with a white zag).
Therefore, my advice is this, buy this book and try it.
BTW, 2006 will consist of more than just book reviews but when you read a book in less than three days that review is gonna come around real quick.


Andy Partridge said...

I love Swindon! Up yours, wanker.

Mondale said...

Sindon is full of wankers.
There was that bloke at college who was called Dvae but changed his name to George.
There's the wanky football team who always, always, always beat City.
There's the sorrowful railway station (mentioned in the book).
There's everyone associated with Swindon town Football Club (oh, look, I mentioned them).
You don't drive for an hour in the rain to get turned away from the ground three times because it's been declared 'all ticket' when there's only 6,000 fans. WANKERS.

Debbie said...


ms.bri said...

I also liked that book a lot.

weasel said...

Didn't we go to Wankfest 93, Mondale? I think we saw The Fall.

TCIOTDITN is a good book, totally agree. Might I suggest Vernon God Little as a chaser?

mas said...

I also read that book really quickly - surprised it's not a movie yet.

Mondale said...

Nah, Mate. I think you went to wankfest 93 with Donnie. I had to clear up the damage.