Saturday, September 24, 2005

Map geek

I am a map geek, always have been, always will be.
I have now discovered a site that will distract me from now until my time comes.
I can only marvel at the future developments that will hit this site as technology catches up with it.
I feel like the man in 1962 who declared "By 1995 we will all be eating capsules for lunch!"
I was going to do things today, things like writing and going for a stroll with the lovely Ms Random Doubt.
The Gmap pedometer has now taken over, I have already found my birthplace (Rothbury Road, Wymondham, Norfolk, UK.
I have worked out exactly how far I ran the other night (about 6 miles from door to door, over the Manhattan Bridge and back over the Brooklyn).
I have also checked out the exact distance from our apartment to the Borough Hall subway station (just over 0.7 mile).
I don't know what I'm going to look up now but i'm sure it will be fantastic and that I will bore all my friends with tales of distances and hybrid maps and satellite imagery.


jamie said...

the geography geeks in the house kindly ask for a link.

Debbie said...

nice new blog look!

weasel said...

I echo the comments of both Jamie and Debbie (I bet someone can teach you how to put links up). Nice job in recent days- particularly enjoyed the artistic flair to the Kate post.

I like being the third guy; I feel honored.

Mondale said...

Jamie, click on the title of the entry, it should take you right through.