Saturday, September 17, 2005

Catholic guilt.

Until very recently I used to work alongside a devout Christian who took care to guide me in the ways of the Lord.
I used to joke with her and laugh off her advice whilst maintaing a high respect for her choice of faith.
Now she works with me no more.
Now when i look out of my new classroom window I have the whole gang glaring down at me.
I have to admit it is just a touch creepy.


weasel said...

Is that a church or a rofftop cemetery? It certainly is a view to keep one in touch with one's own mortality, whatever that ghastly mausoleum looking building is. You should wave that special tea towel I sent you at it to scare off any ghosties and ghoulies.

Debbie said...

I never noticed that when I worked with stargate
she probably never noticed it either
I think its a cool view