Sunday, September 18, 2005

Conversations with an idiot.

We were fortunate enough to attend the delightful wedding of two wonderful friends this weekend. The venue was the Seaman's mission in downtown Manhattan. As the picture shows it's a great location nestled in amongst some of New York's most famous landmarks (as well as the ghosts of former landmarks).
It was while I was marvelling at the view that I had the following conversation.

Man at Wedding: "What is that? The Queensboro bridge?"
Me: "Er, you mean the Brooklyn Bridge?"
M.A.W: "Oh that's the fuckin Brooklyn Bridge? I never know which one is which"
Me (Assuming that he is one of the Midwestern contingent of guests and therefore in need of a quick NYC history lesson)"Yeah, that's the Brooklyn Bridge, the one next to it is the Manhattan and beyond the bend is the Williamburg, easy to remember, BMW just like the car"
M.A.W: "You know, I've lived in this city for eleven years and I still don't know this part of town, never been to Brooklyn, never gonna go, far too freaky".

Speechless, I left him to the view.

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