Thursday, September 29, 2005

excuses, excuses.

Just so you all know I have been attempting to place lots of amusing comments upon other people's sites but have been pole axed by the wierd vagueries of my home wireless internet connection. It's been playing up a storm.

For instance I would have made several witty comments about the Johnny Damon poster that listmaker wrote about.
Actually I had not noticed the poster as the one day a week that I enter that building I try to keep my eyes closed, I am still quite traumatised by my six weeks of summer camp.
I was frustrated about not being able to mention the fact that I used to live right next door to the site of the Battle of Lansdown (1643). Weasel wrote about this and the comments page kept dissolving just as I was at my wittiest.
I was horrified not to be able to ask Handwashings where he buys his tofu.
I really wanted to complement Unwellness and Covetings on their fabbo sparkly Vegas weekend (despite the lack of GMB).
Maestra, I had to point out some home truths about your entry about the fictional establishment where you give us the tour of the floors, I was crushed.
And there are so many others, the list goes on.

In order to make up for all my shortcomings I have enclosed a rather marvellous picture of a doll a child made for me. It's actually a mini version of me!


weasel said...

I thought that was your Boris Johnson action figure.

I don't see any pins sticking out of it- Listmaker can't have got a hold of it yet.

Debbie said...

You can alaways comment now. Please share your truths about our workplace

Listmaker said...

is this post supposed to convince us that you have turned over a new leaf at work - no longer wasting all day on the interweb but actually working?

between this post and the brilliant things you are coming up with these days curriculum wise, i am convinced.

the blog's world loss is overprivileged private school kids' gain! fuck yeah!