Thursday, April 30, 2009

You know why I've been quiet and you know what I'm about to say...

... It's going to happen isn't it?

A couple of moments from the last week I'd like to share.

After the 0-2 defeat at home to Reading on Monday night I overheard two blokes chatting to each other about the places they'll visit next season. "Colchester will be a local derby won't it?"

The radio guy telling us how the last time Norwich were in the Third Division was 50 years ago but hardly any Norwich fans remember 50 years ago. My dad responded "I remember 50 years ago, it was shit".

On Sunday we must beat Charlton and Barnsley must lose to Plymouth.

Not impossible but very unlikely. Light a candle for us?

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tillerman said...

50 years ago? Eee by gum, I were only a lad and Norwich wasn't my team, but didn't they make the semi-finals of the FA Cup around about that time?