Thursday, April 30, 2009

Because of all the doom and gloom I've decided to list a few things that make me smile, but not the obvious things like my wife or my little boy.

In no particular order...

Flight of the conchords

American history, in particular the book I'm reading right now. In fact I might just go straight upstairs and read some now.

The real prospect of some sailing this year (the boats are booked, the crew is ready and the beer will be drunk)

The flaming gorgeous spring weather.

I've borrowed my dad's flash new car for a few days even though I'm not a car person I'm still happy to be driving about in a flash new car for a day or two.

Thinking about what I'll be thinking about once this painful footy season is finally over and I'll know the future and what it will hold.

Facebook has thrown up a couple of really good old uni chums, that's nice.


The mini pretend vacation we'll be on in a week or so from now (house sitting rocks!)

Stopping the world and getting off.

Which beach to visit on Sunday.

There's more...

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