Friday, April 03, 2009

Bullet points

It's an old concept but one that suits my needs right now.

I've been using bullet points to communicate withListmaker since the arrival of double trouble. I've also found that work pressures have been increased by waffling, waffling, waffling and a certain degree of smalltalk mixed in with a level of social anxiety and professional nervousness.

I like bullet points and, outside of genuine social engagement or courtship, we should use them more often.

* Easter is here! How I long for separation of Church and State in this funny old country. Still, two weeks off in the springtime.

* City still need to battle to stay up. Raise a glass to our heroes in yellow and green.

* It was nice to see President Obama in London town this week. Of course, the Michelle Obama/HMQ hug was a damned near thing. As a modern day republican I shall accept New England in return for the faux pas. Count yourself lucky, when that Aussie twat grabbed her arse in 1991 we almost went to war.

* We tell Henry that everybody poos, even Michelle Obama, but not the Queen.

*That's bout it, sprung is springin and there's ale to be drunk.

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Wisdom Weasel said...

I was always told that the Queen has someone to do that for her. Thanks Dad.