Friday, June 13, 2008

Team of the tournament?

"The Dutch have gone goal crazy"

John Motson. 13/6/08

I love my new adopted football country!


tillerman said...

The Dutch have sailing goals?

jamie said...

quite the show by the boys in orange today. well worth skipping out of work for a couple hours and a couple of pints. that France-Italy showdown on Tuesday should be something else.

a guy at the bar was predicting a Netherlands-Croatia final. if that happens, they could just point the cameras at the coaches and it would be a fun 2 hours.

weasel said...

You are wasting all our football luck you bastard. If the Dutch win there goes Norwich's promotion next year and England qualifying for South Africa.

This is like the time at Carrow Road when Nottingham Forest put a goal in every time you went to the toilet (a 6-1 loss).

Mondale said...

I was ill!