Saturday, June 28, 2008

Germany v Spain, European Championship Final 2008.

I'm constantly amazed and delighted by the BBC's approach to foreign football. They make the very best of any opportunity to shake, rattle and mock our European cousins and it's often brilliant. I was gobsmacked by their 'Anschluss' montage before the Germany- Austria group match

Then there was the Adrian Childs 'Freud, where's my mother/why didn't England qualify?' sketch during a half time segment.

I'm very much looking forward to tomorrows final between Germany and Spain (Oh please, please, please, Catholic God, Allah,Tommi Miers, George Orwell,Franco, King Juan Carlos II, whoever else has had any influence in anything Spanish ever, ever. Please give the Spaniards strength! Defeat the Germans!)

(Guess who I have a massive TV crush on)

(No, not him)

(shit no! are you mental?)

I cant wait to hear what is said during John "The FA Cup needs a cuddle"* Motson's last match commentary as the BBC hand over the rights to covering such events to the commercial stations.

* Responding to the popular view that the FA Cup, that grand dame of footy had lost her magic and allure.

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