Sunday, December 16, 2007

We're all Daves now.

I was chatting to a dear friend called Dave (not that Dave).

I asked him if he was annoyed that 'Dave' was now synonymous for irresistable, smug, born again, neo liberal conservatives who will quite possibly take over the country at the next election.

He said "yes, it annoys me a lot".

Later on, I was brewing up some tea. In our house we call normal tea "Dave tea". It's a good honest working man's name for a good, honest working man's brew. All the other stuff (Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Lapsan Souchong etc) we call 'fancy tea'.

I asked Dave what he calls "Dave tea". He said "I call it normal tea, all the tea in my house is Dave's tea".


weasel said...

Dave (our Dave, right?) should have a crack at t'other Dave for being an arse and breach of Dave copyright.

If it is our Dave he may have a little trouble given that he was universally refered to by his surname for a large chunk of his life, but I reckon he got his Dave marker down soon enough, like.

Mondale said...

Right on all counts. He pretty much goes by Dave these days and has done since well before the tory usurper commandeered the monosyllabic monniker (sic).