Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas cards

After a lengthy series of negotiations, arguments, reconcilliations, visits to card shops, post offices, photocopiers, blood, sweat and tears, red wine, single malt, baileys irish cream and some late night candle burning our 2007 Christmas cards are done.

They lack something this year ( we meant to do a cheesy circular note but couldn't be bothered).

If I like you, look out for an underwhelming yuletide note soon.

We'll keep the Singing Postman busy!


msdee said...

loight bor?
Light beer?
I better get a card:)

Mondale said...

Translated it means "Have you got a light boy?"
meaning "would you be so kind as to light my cigarette".

It's how they talk here.

weasel said...

Thank you for our December 27th card. December 27th; one of the biggest holidays of the year in these parts.

Hope the mad British "lets all take the sodding week off anyway" approach to the holidays is a refreshing tonic to the American "bang, done, it's December 26th" method.

weasel said...

Interesting (?) fact: "Bor" or the Norfolk variant of "boy" derives from the same root as the Dutch "Boer" or farmer. It originated as an agricultural version of the polite "mister", as to call someone "farmer" was to imply wealth and status. The Dutch influence on Norfolk is well documented elsewhere.

Professor Yaffle, Self-appointed NLA Volunteer Obscurantist.