Friday, December 28, 2007


Some of you have been looking forward to news of Mrs Lucas's drinks and nibbles party. Ever since I first advertised the event in on a post about bollards.

Especially this bit.

"XI. If I start a great big neighbourhood feud/war type thing won't it be a bit embarrassing at Mrs Lucas's Christmas drinks and nibbles party on the 27th of December?"

I'd like you all to know that the drinks and nibbles party went down with great humour, great food and great booze. We gosipped, we ate and we laughed. There was talk of bollards but all of it favourable, there was also talk of sketchy neighbours but all of it drunken. My homemade Brooklyn Cheeseckae was a hit!


tillerman said...

Well, that's a big relief.

Mondale said...

I know, I could sense the anxiety out there. You may now go about your business.