Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Final days of the Nixon White House

I'm moving on to a new job, a new country (well, OK technically not a completely new country but it seems different everytime I go back and Gordon will be running the place by the time we arrive)and a new home (as above but it needs a lick of paint and the interior decor will consist of something more inviting than empty bottles and ashtrays).

Which of course leads me to reflect upon the leaving of this place.

The end of any school year is a time for reflection, indeed it should be or would be were but there any time for such luxury. We are all so frantically trying to get rid of the children, tear down wall displays, get the right stuff home and not send the wrong stuff home that it's normally August before we get a chance to think about the year gone by.
This year is no different.

I suspect that towards the end of next week it will hit me a bit. But by then I'll probably be so busy getting the move going that well, you get the idea.

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