Monday, June 25, 2007

Farewell to the best damn neighborhood in the world.

This week we move out of our little corner of Brooklyn.
It's been five fantastic years!

Mazolla bakery. The best bakery cum bus stop in the world. For five years I stood beneath your awning in the wind and rain watching cops buy donuts. I loved your ham and cheese croissant, that probably contributed to my waist creeping up to 38 inches.

Our cross street for the last five years, Henry and Sackett.

The distinctly odd 'Vermont Grocery' across the street. If anything sang out 'Mob front' it was you. Adieu.

The Italian gentleman's club across the street. I danced like a drunken fool on the sidewalk outside the night Norwich won the league in 2004. One of your elderly members accosted me and became a friend through footy. Your members are deadly serious about satnding about with cigars and gesticulating.

No more alternate side parking!

Sadly, no more Nino's pizza. Your delivery boys have seen far more of my life than I would like to admit. Your pepperoni with green peppers and olives is an utter joy.

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weasel said...

Ahh, parting is such sweet sorrow....

On the plus side, you will now be able to stand outside Limetree Pizza and Kebab chewing on a slice and telling everyone that passes that "Its not bad, but when I lived in New York..."