Wednesday, March 21, 2007

You don't write, you don't call...

... and then you go and get 4 (Four) blogs without telling any of us what time you would be coming home, if indeed you would be coming home. And on top of all that you have a lovely wife who I have yet to meet and probably a pet or a child or something.

Well blood and sand if Mark hasn't got himself a blog, 4 of them actually. I'm as delighted and amused as our very mutual friend Weasel is. You can find Mark's main blog (complete with subsiduary links )at the links bar.

Three of my favourite 'Mark' anecdotes.

1. He once cycled from Ware in Hertfordshire to Norwich for a pint. He had the pint (I was there) and then went to his mum's for a shower. He needed the shower, it was a warm day and the distance was 80 niles. For this he was awarded the Market Cross, the highest award Norfolk can award and one of only two ever awarded.

2. He cleaned a badly trashed boat during a friend's stag weekend. He swabbed the decks ridding it of all remnants of flour and eggs that had been used in a traditional quasi-naval trashing of the groom to be. He worked his balls off so that others may drink beer and belch. He in turn joined in the drinking and belching but only after thoroughly tidying up. A bit like some of the Swiss characters in Asterix in Switzerland.

3. His nickname is Trotter. Always has been and noone really knows why. Once, he was due at my brother's house for a meal. My young neice asked who we were expecting. "Mark" I replied. "Who is Mark?" said she. "Oh you know, always comes round for lunch, rides a bike, always smiling, goes to the football with Uncle Mondale".
"Oh, you mean Uncle Trotter".


weasel said...

I am so happy. I've been arguing about politics and life with Mark since September 1984 since we both pitched up at school as fresh-faced 11 year olds (well I was fresh faced, he had a beard). Two of my oldest chums blogging. Fantastic.

I know the origins of "Trotter" by the way. And the less common "Noddy" and defunct "Hardigan Cardigan" nicknames too.

Mark said...

Well if you've been to markspace you'll probably guess why I haven't broadcast it too widely...still, as a newbie blogger I'm quite enjoying it. Keep up the good work chaps. Pip pip.

Mark said...

Oh, and I like the final score-style 4 (four), your team has just been stuffed by 4 (yes count them four) goals, touch. (What number does that actually start at on final score..?)