Monday, March 12, 2007

A wanderer returns.

I'm back in the arms of my family after a week of being in the arms of the other bit of my family. That and visiting lots of schools and drinking gallons of Norfolk County Council tea.
I didn't get the job I went for but felt pretty good about my performance.I turned up, gave a good showing of myself but a better candidate got the position. I compared it to that of West Ham in the 2006 FA Cup Final
The Silver Fox expressed a hope that the next 12 months in my life didn't in any way reflect the fortunes of East London's finest

Here are some of the other highlights of a fine few days in Norfolk.

Yellow is a major food group in Britain. And it's not always so bad.

Norfolk is very pretty, especially in early spring and especially a bit off the beaten path.

The family are all good and well. Kids growing like weeds, everyone busy.

Norwich is a fine city.

Wymondham has a daily traffic jam. Who would have thought? I got stuck in it twice.

I met the English version of Listmaker. He was located in a school faculty room muttering dark mutterings about the poor fortunes of Norwich City. He was ginger.

Tea can be drunk in abundance and have very little detrimental effect upon the soul.

Located a churchyard with about 15 Mondales buried in it dating from the mid 1700's to the mid 1800's.

The Silver Fox is convinced that the Mondales are related to Abraham Lincoln. He claims to have evidence.

You really can't beat a Friday night down the pub with a good crowd. Lovely.

Wherever you go in Norfolk you can stumble across a discreet spot of outstandingly beautiful countryside. It lifts the very soul it does.

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msdee said...

Welcome back!!!
Sorry you didnt get the job:(
Their loss.

Here's my new blog address
It's a long story