Thursday, March 29, 2007

Up on the roof.

Trawling throught the archives I discovered some shots from last summer.

Liberty in the evening. Taken from the roof at 7th Ave and 15th St in Park Slope.
Midtown Manhattan (with Downtown Brooklyn in the foreground). 7th ave/15th st.
My beloved Williamsburg bank building. Listmaker and I used to have a dentist on the 20th floor overlooking the harbor. The best view from a dentist's chair anywhere in the world. Again, 7th/15th
Ooh? crazy effects of Manhattan at night! 7th/15th.

1 comment:

weasel said...

How can you be nostalgic before you've even left?

Great photos, however. Standing on the roof of your building has to go down as one of the great pleasures of my life so far- free, breathtaking, and warm if I remember correctly.