Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Proper Course.

I found a sailing blog that is not only rather good in it's own way but also links to several thousand gazillion other sailing blogs.
I just wish Theta Club would establish a blog. Although on second thoughts it's probably best that they remain as secretive as possible.
You can check the link at the bottom.
(I guess I could have just emailed Weasel and been done with it).


Tillerman said...

Thanks for the plug. Do I gather that like me, you are a Brit transplanted from the East of England to the NE US?

Mondale said...

That's right, I grew up sailing on Hickling Broad. Now living in Brooklyn and pining for Enterprises and more dangeroud dinghies!

Tillerman said...

So what is stopping you?

Mondale said...

Oh blimey, where to start?
I fell out of competitive racing when I went to University in the early 90's and then became more of a summer cruising/social type of sailor. That's about it really, Still get my hand in where and when I can.
I'm torn between saving/dreaming for a halfdecker/whiteboat for leisurely picnics on the Norfolk Broads* or getting a fiesty dinghy and raising hell.
The impending arrival of a newborn may delay the plans a bit but as soon as we can strap a lifejacket on the lil'un we'll be back on the waves.
*We usually visit for a month or so each summer if we can and a half share with a friend or relative is an option.

Tillerman said...

Check out Litoralis - a sailor with a newborn who still finds time to do a bit of Star and Laser sailing.

weasel said...

I think there should be a "We were going to go sailing but instead just sat on the bank or boat eating skips and drinking bad lager while listening to Van Morrison" blog to accurately reflect a fair number of our waterborne escapades.

We are at the age now where we should be getting a boat we can kip on overnight rather than dreaming of Norfolk punts. I'm always down the pier, looking whistfully at the 18 footers with the hibatchi lashed aft.

Mondale said...

Right, I've now spent the best part of two days reading bloody sailing blogs when I should have been working.

Tillerman, I will be back on the water on a regular basis, in some form or another, within the next two years. I have already promised my brother a marathon by 2011. You will be my cyber inspiration.

Weasel, There will be excellent beer and food on a river bank in Norfolk or North Suffolk within the same timeframe. (2011 that is).

No more excuses. Except perhaps the one about not wishing to lose my job by blogging too much.

Charlotte Ross said...

Are you ex theta club? I'm the current treasurer. You should e-mail us at thetaclub@hotmail.com so we have all your details. We had an alm party last weekend. Dinah Murray found this blog randomly.

Charlotte Ross