Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Blair, The last call?

I give him until October.
A big beast will challenge him at the conference.
That's what should happen anyway.

It seems that everyone in Britain is either obsessed with his imminent departure or just quietly assured about it. I have said before that I love the lack of term limits for this very reason, term limits deprive the British voting public of the joy of seeing their elected officals twist in the wind. Term limits go against the brilliant irrationality of British life.

$20 says he's gone by November 1st. Anyone?


weasel said...

To quote Mr. Blair, you are being "disloyal, discourteous and wrong". I'm not taking that bet, even with his history of pulling rabbits from hats at conference and Brown's history of backing off.

The silly man should have handed over the keys on May 6th 2005. Instead we are going to be blessed with the rare treat of two messy and public prime ministerial beheadings in our lifetime.

"Twas in an hour
Of universal ferment; mildest men
Were agitated; and commotions, strife
Of passion and opinion filled the walls
Of peaceful houses with unique sounds.
The soil of common life, was, at that time,
Too hot to tread upon...."

Mondale said...

From today's Guardian .

"Tony Blair today faced an implosion of his authority after seven government members resigned in protest at his refusal to publicly name a departure date."

I give him a week.

weasel said...

If we wind up with a real Tory government (as opposed to a Blair Thatcherite government) at the next election it is all going to be the fault of the member for Sedgefield.

I wonder who Blair's Norman Tebbit will be, responsible for wandering onto the Today Programme 10 years later still blaming the splitters.