Friday, August 25, 2006

Michigan snaps

Following some regurgitated book reviews it's time for some vacation snaps!!!

Frau Random Doubt takes the place of Secretary of Agriculture in the mock up of the Ford cabinet table.

Frau Random Doubt poses under the sign of the best Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids, MI.

Frau Random Doubt was getting mighty snippy about the lack of 'Betty Ford/alcoholic' related exhibits. Instead she became obsessive about the 'Gerald Ford/assasination attempts' exhibits.

Your man Mondale wondering how it could have all been so different had all those states not voted for Reagan in '84

Still, the beach was bloomin gorgeous!


mactechwitch said...

Thanks for the pics! frau is lookin' good in her maternal state. The beach does look inviting. Someday I am going to tear myself away from the Atlantic and swim in a Great Lake.
(it looks like the Mondales were the only ones in attendance at this museum?)

Mondale said...

She is indeed blooming at this point!
The GRF museum was sparsley populated. Just us and a pair of grandparents showing their deeply bemused grandchildren around and a couple of deeply confused Belgians.

s@bd said...

Not to worry: The Belgians are always confused.