Thursday, August 31, 2006

Because Weasel needs 'aseeinto'

Because Weasel never spares an opportunity to bait me and all that I stand for.
Because Weasel cannot recognise the verdant, wooded plains of my home turf.
Because Weasel cannot distinguish the beauty of South Norfolk and the Cockney infested dustbowl that is affectionately known as 'Breckland'.
For these reasons I have included a map which highlights the political boundaries of the County of Norfolk, in England.

South Norfolk is #6 whilst Breckland is #3 . Clearly quite not the same.
For those of you who could even begin to care the term 'aseeinto' means a thump to the person, a punch not needing to cause tremendous pain but to provoke a pause for thought. Perhaps a clip around the ear.

Who is this boyish young fop?

Steady ladies, this is the elected representative for South Norfolk, Mr Richard Bacon,MP, a Conservative alas, but what can you do?
I added his picture to lend weight to my argument.


weasel said...

The only place that matters is #2. The rest is full of people who find sugar beets erotic.

weasel said...

And not to be a pest, but did you actually read what I wrote about the Thermos factory's location? I wasn't even refering to your dodgy district with it's boutique sports car factory.

I know my arcane district council boundaries, I do.

Mondale said...

I never read that stuff, That's all about East Melton and Gypsies and stuff.

weasel said...

You wunt'tu worch out for them gypsies. My dad gort intuh a fight with one oover a nice antique commode some incomer were bungin' out up the ole Harford Tip.

Anonymous said...

Boys ... this is getting ugly