Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Book learning #22

The Fall of Rome by Martha Southgate.

I had to read this for a shool bookclub.
I don't mind bookclubs just as long as there's plenty of booze and you don't actually have to have read the book. I prefer movie nights, you can watch the movie and then discuss.
I really don't like being told by the 'man' what to read.

Having said that I picked this up, read it in a weekend involving two lengthy train rides and quite enjoyed it. It wasn't great but I got through it. I felt good about committing to something that would prepare me for the start of school. I was almost hoping that the Director would try and trip me up with questions but he didn't.

When our group met for discussion noone really mentioned the book at all. I had to reference it so that the rest of the room would know that I had even bothered to read it.


Anonymous said...

We read that book for SEED so there might have been a few teachers/SEED members who read it as well. It's one of my favorite SEED books.
I hate when you complete an assignment and the people in charge never bother to check it,
So they assign this book and no one brings it up hmnph!

Mondale said...

Yeah, therre were some seedy types in the room (hah!)

Anonymous said...

I bet there were
How are the new kids on the block?

Mondale said...