Monday, December 19, 2005

That's enough of the freakin year in freakin pictures.

Enough of the year in review, it's on to 2006!!

Auntie Boo in full effect!! Maryland, October.

Gentleman hanging out after a night of effigy burning. November.

Those crazy British kids causing mayhem at Bowles Towers, UK. February.

A confession, I really don't like shellfish all that much. Maryland, October.

Drunk in the kitchen, arguing about music. December.


jamie said...

i'm with you. crabs kind of gross me out. too much yellow/gray mucilage, a huge mess and a total pain in the ass. that likely disqualifies me as a Marylander, but so be it.

weasel said...

I'll never forget what you called a clam's syphon the first time you saw one in the flesh, as it were.

Listmaker said...

i think i was talking about seed in that picture of me.

Debbie said...

you probably were if you were drunk Listo