Friday, December 30, 2005


My brother hates custard and has not eaten it for many years, We think since about 1975.
For some reason he decided to try some on Boxing day. This had to be blogged.
You can get an impression of the magnitude of this event but looking at my sister's face in the first two pictures.

One has to ask why? Why, after 30 happy years of custard free living did he decide to experiment with the semen like desert sauce?

But courage to the fellow, he went ahead anyway.

I rather doubt custard will be gracing my brother's menu's anytime soon. Well, could have been worse, could have been monkey glands.

1 comment:

weasel said...

I like how Amy looks horrified in a sort of "I love this" way.

Between your dislike of marmite and Simon's acute distress when confronted with custard, I'm worried that the Englishness police might be a-visitin'.