Friday, December 09, 2005

I'll be damned.

I've been teaching for almost ten years now and there are certain things that are fairly reliable. There are certain things that one can just take for granted when it comes to the kids you teach. You always had a ginger kid in the class, there was always the freakishly tall kid (that was me), the scarily short, the potty mouthed, the kid with the fantastically inappropriate parent etc, etc.
This year it is a bit different.
This much I have discovered about the children in my care.

None of them are lefties. I had a certain ammount of left handed handwriting books in September, had to send them back. That's weird.

They all have siblings. Not one only child amongst them. No one I can raise my eyebrows at and mutter darkly "ah, it's the only child thing". This also deprives me from using one of my favorite French phrases 'Fils unique'(That's only child in French).

Today I find this out,

Not one of them has a pet cat. Some of them have had cats, some of them yearn for one but at this point in time not one of them goes home to a creature of feline persuasion. This is going to make my annual 'cats v dogs' debate quite interesting.

As a right hander with a brother and sister I can't do much about the first two categories but I will include a picture of 'Kitten' our elderly and adorable cat to make up for the pet deficiencies of my students.


weasel said...

"Not an only child among them" =Midwitch Cuckoos

bri said...

FREAKISH! I can't believe it!

Debbie said...

That has to mean something.
Are you doing random surveys in your class?

kitten looks pissed.

country mouse said...

I better not see Weasel make any only child comments!