Tuesday, November 01, 2005

This month's guest speaker.

"It's with some pride that the Carroll Gardens branch of the Margo and Jerry association/DAR of Brooklyn are able to announce this month's guest speaker, Mr Enesto 'Che' Bookham. Otherwise known as 'Weasel'.
We shall be filling him with food, ale and a mildly disorientating sense of the NYC mass transit network. No doubt he will be as distracted by all the bustle of the big city as we are scared shitless by the utter silence and pitch darkness of anywhere outside of the MTA travel region (although as he is a reformed Londoner/Cockney type I doubt it).
We aim to spend a small fortune on him with tours of the famous Staten Island ferry and the costly 'walking over the Brooklyn Bridge' experience. We will also take him to the special places only New Yorkers know where you can see the Empire State building for free.
As well as this we will hope to rise bright and early on Sunday to cheer on Mr Scherr in the 2005 New York Marathon.


Debbie said...

I tell you what. You take Weasel over the Brooklyn Bridge and it's my treat.

Mondale said...

No way Debbie, you pay for far too much as it is, besides, have you seen how much it costs these days?

weasel said...

"reformed Londoner/Cockney" indeed. I don't know where you get your ideas from, I really don't. Dad is a Londoner and I went to college there; by that standard based on your matriarchal lineage and higher education choices you are a Londoner/West Countryman.

Regardless, looking forward to my trip to NY in the wake of Charles and Camilla (they did the front work for me, bless). I order to blend in I have purchased a "Watdafuckyoolookinat?" t-shirt (it says 'I heart NY' on the back), some Andy Sipowicz slacks, and one of those nice navy blue hats with the white 'N' and 'Y' intertwined. See you all tomorrow.