Friday, November 11, 2005

Lyrical whimsy.

It's one of my all time favourite songs, 'St Swithin's day' by Billy Bragg.
A swirly guitar based ode to lost love and an English summer's day.
I just got wondering,

" With my own hands,
when I make love to your memory,
It's not the same,
I miss the thunder,
I miss the rain"

Is Uncle Bill singing about self love?


weasel said...

Surely he is. He further expounds on this, referencing across-enemy-lines mutal onanism in his Falklands epic "Island of No Return":

Saw one today and in his hands,
Was a weapon that was made in Birmingham

Mondale said...

From 'The Milkman of Human Kindness'

"I am the milkman of Human kindness, I will leave an extra pint"


His work is riddled with perversity.

weasel said...

I just shot pepsi out of my nose. Nice one, that out filths anything.

mactechwitch said...

Ah... This reminds me how much I love the lyrics of Billy Bragg!

One of my all time favorites from King JamesVersion,
"He was trapped in a haircut he no longer believed in. She said, "I'm a teacher here. I teach the children,"

Mondale said...

He is a genius, "No ammount of poetry can mend this broken heart, but you can put the hoover round if you want to make a start"


country mouse said...

get a room.

Listmaker said...

country mouse,

is that one on mermaid ave?