Tuesday, March 08, 2005

random thoughts from a random doubter.

It's time to put sentimental things aside and update you, my blog faithful on what i've been up to in the last few days.
*Coming to terms with the impending relegation of my beloved 'City'
*Hoity toitying about Manhattan last Sunday thus causing a tremendous sense of fatigue on Monday.
*Becoming more and more of a delicious misanthrope just in time for spring to burst forth and for me to return to being a delighted spectator of all things human and their silly little ways.
*Reading blogs every other day, That way I get less disapointed when bloggers don't update every thirty seconds.
* Reading a rather marvellous book about cricket. It's "The Art of Captaincy" by Mike Brearley. It should really be called "Cricket, the human soul and how to rule the world by being really super nice".
* Slightly disapointed that North America doesn't play, understand or even televise cricket.
* Considering a move to India or South Africa where much cricket would be played, understood and televised, constantly.
*Discounting Australia and New Zealand from the list of Cricketing nations I wouldn't mind living in as the former is annoying and the latter is just a bit too far away (although delightful I'm told).
* Wondering if I'll get a game in this summer when I visit England.
*Realising it's time for me to tidy up and make my way into the glorious third part of the day. It's the bit where the kids have gone and I can actually get stuff done. By stuff I mean sneaking off to the movie theatre to watch "Downfall". More often than not this part of the day is full of meetings or work which tends to cramp the glorious nature of it. Today I reclaim my fun time.

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