Thursday, March 31, 2005

James Callaghan

All the while I was worried about hot water I missed the fact that James Callaghan died.
He was 92.
He is survived by a son and two daughters.
He was the first Prime Minister that I actually remember.
He was also known as 'Sunny Jim'.
Beneath his avuncular exterior was a tough strategic mind and a skilled political leader.
There's a website where you can see a picture of 'Sunny Jim' on a skateboard. It's called statesman or skatesman. google it.
S'pose Michael Foot will be next.

nb. I once taught a kid called James Callaghan. His mother was very keen for us all to know that they were not Labour supporters.


weasel said...

Bloody hell! When did this happen?
Time for a wake, Mr. B.

Mondale said...

We need a series of wakes, we should also remember Roy Jenkins and Babs Castle. Perhaps we should have premature wakes for Michael Foot and Tony Benn when next we meet.

Listmaker said...

holy shit- have you heard about this?