Thursday, March 10, 2005

An impossible task

Someone just told me that i should write a list of everybook I've ever read. I know that 'Unwellness' is considering this. I just cant, it's not in my nature. A vague, rambling, mumbly chat about books is fine but a precise, analytical list of books read through A-Z just isn't. It doesn't fit with the bigger picture, broadstroke that is Bowles (I would have died a horrible death in the Carter White House, all that micro management of tennis court schedules?). I could tell you about some of the good stuff that I have read in the last 30 odd years and enjoyed as well as some of the stuff that has passed me by.
Some books i have liked....

You see? I just cant think. I'm going to take two weeks off from blogging. I shall return to this blog on Monday, March 28th.

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ms.bri said...

Ahem... us micro-managing types are noticing that you are two days late for blogging.