Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Torch

The Olympic torch passed through our area this week.

We were unable to get into Norwich last night to join the thousands thronging the streets in the sunshine to see the relay.

This morning Hen and I sneaked out of the house at 5.30am to go to Hethersett to join in their very special Olympic torch moment.

Hethersett has a population of 5000 and had organised more Olympic themed events during the past  three years than any other town, city or village in the United Kingdom. Along with that they have a most excellent fellow called Shane Hull who suite simply pestered the Olympic organising committee with reports of all the the events the village had organised.

He also pestered them, quite simply to bring the torch to Hethersett.

Early this morning the village got it's moment. I'm no cynic but I am a grown up.
Even so, this morning I shed a tear of pride.
I'm sure it was pride for the villagers of Hethersett, Mr Hull and his like. I'm sure part of that tear was being there with my son to witness a very special moment of ordinary people power or maybe just because I love the fact that we had all got our of bed to support and cherish this moment.

The Olympics means quite a bit more to me now.

(Look closely at the photos from the local press. In the top one, on the extreme top right? Hen on top of my shoulders.  In the bottom one still atop my aching but happy shoulders? Hen!)

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