Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's here.

Blogging has been slow of late and I'm sorry.
OFSTED came and went (and went away happy!)
Both twins visited the hospital and both came home ok.

And of course, Fabio's boys take on the USA on Saturday!
One golden month of footy!

I can't bear the suspense!


Mark said...

Big day for you and the weasel...! I'm sure USA would love to beat 'BP united'. (Terrible stuff in the gulf but it feels a bit harsh to, not very subtly, blame Britain for BP's actions...although having heard how much BP contributes to most British pensions 'we' certainly do have some vested interest at stake. So was Obama skillfully redirecting pressure or just deflecting blame?)

Mark said...

From the Indy; Rescuing a battered brand

Still on the topic of BP, City folk with longer memories are now debating whether a change of name is needed for the oil giant if it is to have any hope of salvaging its tarnished brand value. The company has only been known as British Petroleum for 60 years, so maybe it's time to go back to its original moniker in order to overcome any lingering ill-will towards Britain once this crisis over. Until 1954, BP was the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. Oh, hang on, that's not going to work.

joven said...

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ROFO said...

Never apologize for not blogging regularly.

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