Friday, January 08, 2010

Snow Days!!

Snow days? Just the best aren't they?

A day snatched from the grasp of The Man, a day when you can eat a little more and do bizarre things like baking and building snowmen.

A day when even your grumpy neighbour can raise a smile (before he takes a tumble and breaks a hip)

And what's better than one stolen, beautiful snowday?

TWO beautiful, stolen snowdays!

As well as the above, it should be noted that the year had hardly begun, up to date with work and planning and stuff. This meant that I was able to enjoy both days (and the weekend) without a single worry about things I should be doing!

And please, no cheeky comments from Americans "Call that snow?" etc. We know, Frau Random Doubt (lately of R.I. and Kings County, NYC) pointed out "This is real snow".

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Wisdom said...

snow is relative, after all.